DanubePay is a processing center, capable of processing all types of payment and nonpayment transactions. No matter how a transaction may have been initiated whether by card, or cheque or by some other device used by the customer. There are many competitors on the European processing market, offering similar portfolio of products and services. Why is DanubePay unique?

Flexibility along with long-term experience in the area of card processing that is our main competitive advantage. DanubePay has a proprietary system (StarCARD) used for transaction authorization and processing. The StarCARD system is used by the largest Slovak and Czech banks. We develop new products and modify the existing ones; there are no additional license fees or other limitations.

DanubePay offers a complex portfolio of products and services used in the area of transaction authorization and processing. The system is modular, so any customer system may be connected to it. Development of a communication interface that would comply with all technological and security requirements is easy.

The system is scalable. So our solution is suitable both, for newly established companies with a small amount of transactions as well as well known companies with a large amount of transactions. From a commercial point of view, DanubePay is prepared to offer its services as venture capital or even to become a partner of the emerging commercial opportunities.

Performance parameters of all our solutions aimed at transaction processing are limited by hardware only. There are no technological limitations as to the number of transactions, cards, POSs and ATMs. DanubePay is a member of Asseco Group, a strong European leader in development of applications used for transaction processing. For more information about offered solutions, please see the back side. Detail description of services may be found on separate product leaflets: card issuing, card acquiring, ATM network management etc.


Are you a card issuer? DanubePay is here to assist you throughout the entire production value chain, starting from solution design, setting-up a card management system, continuing with preparation of the personalization data, physical personalization, and any other activity that might be required. All new market-demanded features are available: contactless cards, instant issuing, 3D secure authentication…

Are you a merchant wishing to refresh your business? DanubePay is ready to assist you with migration of your system and is prepared to establish new revenue streams driven by value added services. What is the most popular? Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Mobile Top-up, Loan parameterization…

Need to improve your ATM business? DanubePay offers technical as well as business solutions positively affecting your P&L. Cash replenishment optimization as well as improvement of field support services result in significant cost reduction. New value added services (DCC, selling of 3rd party products), on the other hand, generate higher revenues and sophisticated site selection increases ATM utilization (number of transactions).

Your transaction business can be improved by surrounding services, which enhance technic-al and marketing parameters of products. Loyalty programs are a very good example, as they can be easily implemented in all relevant products offered by DanubePay (card issuing, merchant acquiring, e-commerce and mobile payments).



  • Multi-institutional environment
  • Client merging / splitting (if necessary)
  • Multi-currency environment (no limitation for the number of currencies)
  • Dedicated interfaces:

Card schemes (VISA/MC mandatory; DC/AMEX /JCB/Union Pay optionally)

Client systems (H2H or P2P) or 3rd party systems

Front office (transaction authorization) and Back office (clearing, settlement and reconciliation) for:

  • Payment transactions (card schemes, closed loop or any other connected private scheme)
  • Non-payment transactions (loyalty: point collection/redemption, “internet money”)

“Charge-back” agenda (fully covered)

Risk monitoring (Fraud prevention)

Call Center support (1st/2nd/3rd level in various SLA`s, Multilanguage)

Portal (Internet GUI for remote access)

Access to:

  • All DanubePay products/services used by clients (POS & ATM module, transaction browser, card management system, card blocking/activation, voice authorization, loyalty module)
  • Statistics (for individual products)
  • Reports (card industry and accounting standards); possible data extraction to client’s DWH
  • Alerts generated by fraud prevention and “charge-back” system
  • FTP (mandatory file exchange, files defined by client) with upload/download functionality

External users (clients): banks (card dpt., ops, Call Centers, IT, financial dpt.),

Internal users: relevant organization units of DanubePay and Asseco Group (Call Center, charge-back specialists, fraud prevention staff, financial dpt.)

Active access management with various levels of authorization per particular service

Stand-alone accounting module with a separate communication interface to BIS

Report builder with a limited access to the “data-cube”; possibility to create:

  • One-off reports for actual analysis (pivot tables, database or .xls format)

Recurrent reports